The Best Cat Sedative For Travelling In Car Or Camper

Traveling, more so on long-distance, comes with a lot of excitement. And tagging along our favorite pets makes it even more adventurous. Nonetheless, traveling along with your cat isn’t as pleasant as you would want it to be. Most cats don’t love sitting in those moving objects, and you can always tell how stressful they become during the journey. To calm the cat, the Vet might prescribe mild medications for anxiety.

Nonetheless, it’s also safe to use sedatives on your cats at certain times. But even that would need proper planning to ensure your cat remains comfortable all through the journey.

Which are the best cat sedatives to use on a cat while on a journey?

I have traveled with my cat on several occasions, and I can confirm that there are useful sedatives that work perfectly well on a cat. However, you will still need to engage a vet before you start using them on your cat.

As recommended by most vets, the best way to calm your cats is by using calming treats. Your cat becomes more stressed during travel, when visiting a vet, when we have thunderstorms and fireworks or while moving to a new place.

As a standard practice, there is need to consult with your Vet. Its advisable to give the cat the calming minutes thirty minutes before the travelling begins.

There is also the option of the NaturVet Hemp, which is a calming treat best suited for cats going for a groom or on a journey.


Feliway might not be so familiar, but at least several people have come across the name. The sedative is majorly a pheromone product that comes in a spray form.

For effective use, ensure you spray Feliway to the cat’s bedding or the towel in the carrier. Further, you can use Feliway as a room diffuse but should never be used directly on pets.

Generally, it works effectively on most cats and is appropriate when going on short trips or taking your cat for grooming.


Thundershirt is also an effective sedative appropriate for vet visits, fearfulness, noise anxiety, and car travels. It helps in calming the cat and reducing stress.

However, if it doesn’t work, consult your Vet if you can use a feline spray on the Thundershirt. The feline spray helps in calming cats that are overly hyper and stressed.

But there is a caution. Try out the Thundershirt sedative on your cat and see the possible reaction before setting out on your journey.

Calming Collar

You could also get the calming collar that greatly helps in reducing anxiety in cats. And because it doesn’t work instantly, ensure you try it out at least a week before you set to put on your journey.

In addition, Catnip Spray as well as the the North American Grown Product can help calm your cat during stressful moments. As with other sedatives, ensure you experiment with it a week before the travel and get to know if your cat experiences side effects.

Rescue Spray

Rescue spray is common among many pet owners and is very easy to use. Kindly go through the instructions and use the stipulated number of drops in your cat’s food.

Pet Natural Calming Chews

This calming sedative ranks as the best among other sedatives I have used. It is perfect for any cat, relieving stress, and lasting for at least three hours.

Nonetheless, it’s vital to check with your Vet to see if they recommend the natural calming chews for your cat.

Further, you can also enquire from your Vet if any of the below sedatives are fit for your cat.

Composure Liquid Max


Travel Anxiety Relief Drops


Vets Classic Stress Away

However, before you use the above sedatives, ensure you confirm with your Vet to confirm whether they are okay to use when travelling with your pet.

I have handled cats for so many years. Based on my experience if feel that Pet Natural calming chews is ideal for cats. Moreover, while you may need a vet’s input on its use, you do not require a prescription to administer it on the cat.

Additionally, you can use the song ‘Through a cat’s ear’ to calm down your cat when you are going on long distances. Music is one of the best cat sedatives for traveling in car or campers.

Further Steps to take

Using sedatives alone is not enough in calming your cat. There are other additional measures you can put in place to help calm your cat.

Here we go.

  1. Find a cozy carrier

A carrier for your cat should be large enough to allow it to move comfortably during your travel. The carriers come in different sizes, so go for the right size for your cat.

  1. Use a tiny disposable cat litter bin

Although not all cats will use this litter bin, it’s necessary when traveling for long distances. You don’t know when your cat will need it during your gravel.

  1. Regularly use the cat’s carrier bags to make them more familiar

Your cat needs to be familiar with your carrier bag early enough before you embark on your journey. I guess you do not want to have trouble an uncomfortable and unhappy cat during your travel.

  1. Limit the amount of food your cat takes

The essence of limiting the amount of food is to prevent your cat from getting nausea. Nonetheless, you can still feed it some little food and water. The water should be filtered and treated.

  1. Do not forget your cat’s favorite toy at home

The toys will help your cat stay calm throughout the journey. I would recommend the organic catnip spray on your toys for most cats. The cats will have fun with their toy for the whole trip without getting bored or stressed.

  1. Play some quiet music for your cat

Cats do not like loud music. So playing some soft, sweet melodic music will work the magic during your travel.

If the cat has a piece of favorite music it listens to while at home, play it during the ravel. You could also sing for it to make it feel at ease.

The ideal way to calm down a cat is to use low volume music. Get a CD and let it enjoy the music as you travel.


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