Do Maine Coon cats shed a lot?

It really depends on the cat how their coat is and how the Maine Coon takes care of it. But it’s good practice to let the cat get used to taking a bath.

In general they’re not so bad in terms of coat care. In most cases 1 time a week is a good guideline to comb their coat. Because the coat is water repellent and can withstand the cold due to a layer of fat that also ensures that the coat doesn’t tangle up so much.

Some will hardly ever have to be combed and others suffer from tangles so quickly that they have to be combed more often a week.

The Maine Coon usually sheds, just like all other cats, with the changing of the seasons. In autumn they shed for a winter coat and around spring they shed again for a summer coat. Throughout the year they do lose hair, but not as much.

do maine coon cats shed a lot

That’s a short answer to your question: Do Maine Coon cats shed a lot?

Top tips for cat coat care!

But I want to give you some basic tips as well, these apply to the coat care of the Maine Coon as well.

Now that the cold, dark winter days are gradually over, the sun is increasingly giving the best of itself. Time for our cats to say goodbye to their thick winter coat. By prolonging the days the new wool hairs that are ready to replace the old wool hairs are pushed away, which then let go of the skin and end up in the coat. Normally your cat will then lick them away with his daily washing routine but when a lot of hairs suddenly come off, he won’t be able to cope. As cat owners we know all too well what the result of this is: hair on your clothes, hair on the couch,…. In short: from your house to the car everything is full of cat hair.

Time to do something about that, you think, because we don’t feel like vacuuming every day. (Ok ok there are special robot vacuums for cat hair and they are amazing!) Your first idea: “Get as much hair as possible out of your cat’s coat by combing it, because everything that’s in your comb will at least not end up on the couch anyway and then we’ll be rid of it faster! Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

The hairs of a cat sit loose in the hair follicles. This is necessary because if they go hunting and they are hidden under a bush to sneak up on prey, they should be able to shoot away from under that bush without getting stuck to the branches with their hairs.
So you can basically comb a cat completely bald! And NO of course that is not the intention!
The skin has to be protected against mechanical damage, UV-light, heat/cold and the like.
So the hair follicles will produce “emergency hairs” when they are emptied prematurely. Unfortunately, these hairs are of inferior quality, which are much easier to loosen and, above all, much more prone to tangles, with all its consequences.

comb your cat

Time for a different approach!

It starts with using the right trimming material! Leave all those o-so nice brightly colored combs of plastic or rubber on the shelves, they often cost more and you help your cat less because rubber for example pulls out a lot of hair. Do you already have one made of rubber? Then use it to take the hair off your seats and carpet, that helps a lot :-).

You only have three things on your shopping list:

A wide toothed metal comb
A slicker brush with wooden handle
A microfiber cloth (everyone has this one anyway, nice and handy anyway!)
And don’t forget, you already have this in the house ;-): Your own fingers to check.

These materials help your cat to remove the real loose hairs lying on the coat and deal with local tangles, but pull out as few unnecessary hairs as possible when you put them in the right way. Because even with the correct material, you can still cause unintentional damage to the coat.

Tips to get through the shedding period without tangles!

Check the coat daily with your fingers for tangles (especially in long-haired cats).
If you find a tangle, fluff it out. A cat’s hair is loose, so chances are you’ll get little tangles out like this!
If you can’t get the tangles out with your fingers, take the comb and carefully pull, with the first two teeth of the wide tooth, the tangles out.
If you can’t do this, you’ll need extra help and it’s best to shave them off locally.

do maine coon cats shed a lot

Are there a lot of hairs on your cat’s coat? Then remove them with a damp microfiber cloth. This partially mimics the structure of a cat’s tongue!
Another option for removing loose hairs is the slicker brush. But you should only let this go very lightly over the coat.
So you just comb pieces of fur where the hair gets a little tangled and ONLY there, nowhere else.


By working in a coat-friendly manner, the coat growth cycle will be less disturbed and the shedding period will be limited in time. In short-haired cats this means an average of 4 weeks. In cats with longer coats it is best to count on 6-8 weeks. That’s right, you just have to go through it and your vacuum cleaner (invest in a good one!) and clothes rollers (ikea!) or a rubber glove are your biggest friends ;-).

Do Maine Coon cats shed a lot? Every cat sheds when the season changes, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a hassle for you. With my tips you can go ahead and make caring for your cat more fun while spending less time doing it.


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