Do Maine Coon cats shed a lot?

It really depends on the cat how their coat is and how the Maine Coon takes care of it. But it’s good practice to let the cat get used to taking a bath. In general they’re not so bad in terms of coat care. In most cases 1 time a week is a good guideline […]

Silvervine for cats – Is it addictive? Or catnip with superpowers?

Catnip (Nepeta) is a collective name for more than 200 plants from the lipflower family. The plant has lavender blue flowers and exudes a menthol-like scent. The plant grows naturally in Europe, Asia and Africa. The plant contains substances to which many felines react extremely. Nepetalactone, the cause of the typical catnip symptoms, has a […]

the beautiful fur of the cornish rex cat

Cornish Rex Cats

Short- and long-haired cats are a common sight in the cat world. However, cats with a curly coat or even without a coat at all are much rarer! One of the breeds that does have a remarkable coat is the Cornish Rex cat. The coat of the Cornish Rex cat is reminiscent of that of […]

feliway spray – does it really work?

Feliway spray is an indispensable product in the cat world. It is marketed as the solution for every conceivable cat (behavioral) problem, big or small. But are these claims correct? And why do experiences with Feliway differ so much? Pheromones Feliway is a synthetic variant of pheromones, fragrances that cats deposit when they rub, scratch […]

Why does my cat stare at me?

Do you ever wake up and see your cat lying on your chest, staring straight into your eyes? Or maybe you feel those green eyes drilling a hole in your back while working on your computer? Chances are, why is my cat staring at me? You’ve probably read that direct eye contact is considered a […]

9 Fascinating Facts About Your Cat Paw Prints

From leftist cats to unique fingerprints, in this blog I’ve collected some facts about your cat’s cute paws. Toes The average cat has four toes on each leg. On the front legs there is also a so-called ‘wolf’s claw’: an extra toe that does not touch the ground. Some pedigree cats, such as Maine Coons, […]

How to prepare for a new kitten

Welcoming a new cat to your home is an exciting, emotional moment for both you and your new family member. You may be nervous about how your kitten or cat will adapt to unfamiliar surroundings and new faces. It is also normal for your new fluffy friend to be a little scared during the switch […]