BEST pet carriers for cats – how to get your cat in a carrier?

Do you hate visiting the vet because it’s hard to get your cat in the carrier? Then you’re not the only one. An American study shows that according to 58% of cat owners their cat hates going to the vet. 38% of them just think the idea of taking the cat to the vet is too stressful, mainly because the cat is afraid of the carrier and driving in the car. The stress associated with just transporting the cat to the vet is one of the main reasons that about 52% of cats in America never visit a vet…

The visit to the vet often starts with a chase through the house to be able to put the cat in his carrier. So before a cat is at the vet, he has already had his first negative experience. This is often followed by the journey in the car, a painful injection and the return journey in the car. No matter how well the vet does it’s best to ensure a pleasant, stress-free experience, they are in fact already 2-0 behind. Next time, this accumulation of negative experiences will make it even harder to get your cat into the carrier. This is unnecessary: you can teach your cat to love his carrier!

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