feliway spray – does it really work?

Feliway spray is an indispensable product in the cat world. It is marketed as the solution for every conceivable cat (behavioral) problem, big or small. But are these claims correct? And why do experiences with Feliway differ so much?

cat calming spray


Feliway is a synthetic variant of pheromones, fragrances that cats deposit when they rub, scratch or spray against something. Pheromones are species-specific, i.e. those of cats can only be observed by other cats.

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What is the best cat scratching post ever?

Cats have to play to be happy. Lose their energy and stay in shape. Life can become very ordinary for a domestic cat and that is why it is important to give him his pleasure and exercise. For this reason, a scratching post is perhaps the very best gift you can give your cat.

The scratching post that you are going to buy should suit your cat friend’s needs and, of course, your living space. In the following paragraphs you will find a guide to discover the best scratching posts on the market. You can also read the answers to the most frequently asked questions by cat owners, let’s start!

Important to know

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BEST pet carriers for cats – how to get your cat in a carrier?

Do you hate visiting the vet because it’s hard to get your cat in the carrier? Then you’re not the only one. An American study shows that according to 58% of cat owners their cat hates going to the vet. 38% of them just think the idea of taking the cat to the vet is too stressful, mainly because the cat is afraid of the carrier and driving in the car. The stress associated with just transporting the cat to the vet is one of the main reasons that about 52% of cats in America never visit a vet…

The visit to the vet often starts with a chase through the house to be able to put the cat in his carrier. So before a cat is at the vet, he has already had his first negative experience. This is often followed by the journey in the car, a painful injection and the return journey in the car. No matter how well the vet does it’s best to ensure a pleasant, stress-free experience, they are in fact already 2-0 behind. Next time, this accumulation of negative experiences will make it even harder to get your cat into the carrier. This is unnecessary: you can teach your cat to love his carrier!

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9 Fascinating Facts About Your Cat Paw Prints

From leftist cats to unique fingerprints, in this blog I’ve collected some facts about your cat’s cute paws.


The average cat has four toes on each leg. On the front legs there is also a so-called ‘wolf’s claw’: an extra toe that does not touch the ground. Some pedigree cats, such as Maine Coons, can have as many as seven toes per leg. It’s called polydactyly.

Sweaty feet

The soles of the house cat’s feet are hairless and are the only part of the cat’s body that can sweat. Through the sweat glands the cat dissipates excess heat. Very frightened cats sometimes leave paw prints on the vet’s treatment table!

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How to prepare for a new kitten

Welcoming a new cat to your home is an exciting, emotional moment for both you and your new family member. You may be nervous about how your kitten or cat will adapt to unfamiliar surroundings and new faces. It is also normal for your new fluffy friend to be a little scared during the switch from her previous home to yours. Preparing for this memorable event in advance will help you and your cat relax, allowing you to enjoy each other from day one. In this article we recommend practical considerations to make the arrival of your new cat in your household a positive, happy experience for both of you.

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