Are Maine Coon Cats Good Pets?

The Maine Coon is a very popular cat breed with a very impressive appearance, but don’t be put off by its wild hair: the character of the Maine Coon is incredibly gentle! Are you also completely convinced that the super fluffy Maine Coon is the cat breed for you? Then read below everything you need to know about this beautiful cat breed.

are maine coon cats good pets

The Maine Coon is known for its great adaptability in terms of living environment; he can live in an apartment but also intensely enjoy the outdoors. The Maine Coon gets along fine with cats and dogs, and is quickly accustomed to new housemates.

For example, did you know that some Maine Coons can fetch like dogs?

Maine Coons are always in a good mood

They are always friendly and in a good mood and are often described as the clown among cats with their crazy antics and pranks. They amuse themselves for hours with the smallest flies or paper wads.

Maine Coons can assume the, at first sight, most impossible positions to go to sleep, you will often find them sleeping on their backs.

The Maine Coon also loves people: she will never turn down a hug or brush. Because of her extremely gentle character, the Maine Coon is a perfect cat for families with children. The cats love to get a lot of attention from the children!

At the same time, it is also a very independent breed. The Maine Coon usually has no problem being the only cat in a family. But if you have the time and space, she will certainly appreciate company!

are maine coon cats good pets

Gentle beast

Beneath the wild, impressive appearance lies a gentle character, which is not obtrusive and enjoys human attention. They remain playful to old age and sometimes forget their size. On the other hand, they can also be very lazy and like to lie down a lot. They do not often lie on your lap but always stay close. They are generally friendly towards people and children.

Usually Maine Coons get along well with other cats and also with dogs, provided they have grown up with them. Because of their great adaptability, they can ground well, both on a farm in the countryside and in a flat. It is important, however, that there should be sufficient play space for the cat in an upstairs flat, so that he does not get bored and may exhibit unwanted behaviour. Because Maine Coons likes to climb, a large scratching post or climbing furniture is a good investment in the wellbeing of the cat.

Intelligent and curious

They are intelligent cats who have a great interest in their environment, even to the point of curiosity. Most Maine Coons love running water like a drinking fountain and are not even averse to a rain shower.

Typical features of Maine Coons are ‘chatting’ to their owners and eating with their forelegs; they scoop out the food from the bowl as it were.

The Maine Coon will be twelve to fifteen years old. The breed grows up quite slowly. They can still grow or change coat types until they reach the age of four years.

are maine coon cats good pets


Most people are surprised when they hear the soft voice of a Maine Coon for the first time, you would expect a completely different sound if you look at the size and appearance of the cat. From most Maine Coon keepers you will hear that once they have (had) a Maine Coon in the house they don’t want anything else anymore, they jokingly talk about ‘the coon virus’.

So to answer your question: Are Maine Coon cats good pets? – The answer is most definately YES 🙂


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